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First Week Review

Today is Friday, marking the end of my first week of classes at U.M.W.! In class today we video-chatted with Naomi de la Tour. We explained our perspective on the American public education system to her. The class consensus was that the system focused on test scores and limited our creativity. We also identified the preferential funding that schools with higher grade averages receive; this puts schools with low grade averages and test scores at a disadvantage and takes away resources that would aid in bettering student achievement. She then probed us to reflect on our most impactful learning experience, share that with a partner, and then share with the class. Johnathan and I paired up, and although we (obviously) had different experiences, our stories had a common theme of underestimating and assuming things/ourselves to our possible detriment. Luckily, both our stories ended happily. I was surprised at how eager and open everyone was when it came time to share to the class; if that same atmosphere of tolerance persists, this class will be an enriching experience for everyone. I’m excited for what’s next!

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